I must say I truly enjoyed my first Presidents day since assuming command of the GSE issue from President Obama. Although it is definitely one of the most demanding positions I ever assumed it is also the most rewarding. Knowing that our efforts are helping to preserve the light of freedom and truth in our great nation makes it all worth it.

I knew we ruffled a few feathers with our rather harsh NY Times criticism a week ago but never expected such swift positive results. This past weekend we witnessed Gretchen Morgenson respond with an article that could be right from the pages of our very blog:


I hope I am correct in viewing this as a challenge to see who will emerge as the foremost guardian of the truth regarding the GSEs. If correct, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we are willing to help bring her up to speed as to everything that has transpired since her last article on our cause from February of 2014:
Although I am sure this has been addressed, I hope not to see any more of the Wallison/ Pintos lies, grace the pages of the NY times. This surely would trigger a notable loss of points in our “competition”.

Not to be outdone cross-town rival the WSJ took note of the NY Times article this weekend as well. Nick Timiraos WSJ National economics correspondent immediately took to Twitter:

“Columnist who wrote book blaming financial crisis on GSE greed doesn’t like how U.S. is treating their shareholders http://nyti.ms/19i6X8y

He appeared annoyed that by Gretchen blowing the lid off of the secrecy surrounding the lawless sweep he may have to speak out on it as well. His attitude quickly shifted however when I saw his next Tweets,I thought for sure his Twitter account had been hacked.:

“It’s also interesting to watch DeMarco’s staunchest defenders (“protect the taxpayer”) conveniently ignore his role in the sweep”

and: “I guess what I meant is what they said: what do they want to hide?”
We can only hope that Nick will join the competition as well and see if he can outdo both Gretchen and me in the “Truth Olympics”. He is obviously onto some good stuff already by zeroing in on Demarco’s role in this caper and just what does the Obama Administration have to hide?

As always this remains a very fluid situation and could blow wide open at any time. Our simple campaign of truth has triggered a chain reaction that is impossible to contain, It was like a spark in a dry forest. They are searching for an exit plan that makes political sense. The minute one whisper leaks confirming that the administration is on board things will get crazy fast.We will be thrust into the mother of all battles. You can never rule out the possibility of more court settlement talks as well. The obvious explanation last Friday was that some very big players have been turned on to the “truth”. Keep your ears to the ground. (will update as new intel comes in) Keep the Faith!

https://timhoward717.com/2015/02/08/untouchable-mandates-and-hell-hath-no-fury-like-a-woman-scorned/ (The post that quite possibly triggered one of the most beneficial competitions in the history of the Truth.)