In the latest status conference in the “Fairholme lawsuit”,Judge Sweeney issued this brutal rebuke of our government.

THE COURT: I don’t know if it is or not. I don’t know what’s been requested. I don’t know what’s been produced.


THE COURT: It may help them.

MR. SCHWIND: — we don’t know either, Your Honor.But, again —

THE COURT: Well, then, if you don’t know what it is, then you’re just making it up as you go along.

MR. SCHWIND: We’re definitely not, Your Honor. And –

THE COURT: Well, of course you are. You’re saying you don’t know what they’ve asked for, you don’t know what’s been produced. Oh, by the way, but it simply goes to merits, and it can’t possibly help them with respect to their jurisdictional defenses or their jurisdictional allegations.

We are going to have a lot of fun with this one,it’s moments like this that make it all worth it. Judges usually reserve comments like this for two bit hustlers and con artists but as they say if the shoe fits wear it.

The government’s attorney also made this curious revelation:

“We have a Russian process that we’re in the midst of, of course, and we expect to complete our document production by April of this year.”

They certainly are in the “midst of a Russian process”, I’ve been saying that for a while now. Up until our government embarked on their diabolical scheme stories like this were reserved for countries like Russia and Venezuela.

When a federal Judge declares you are “making it up as you go along” your case is lost. I actually considered making an entire post out of attorney Shwinds multiple stutters and stammers as Judge Sweeney relentlessly interrupted him to voice her disgust. All attorneys are considered officers of the court and forbidden to lie in the courtroom.It safe to say that Attorney Schwind has destroyed any hopes he had for a future legal career after this fiasco.

Rep. Capuano has emerged as a major ally once again as Bill Maloni points out “Rep. Mike Capuano (D-Mass) this year is the first MoC or Senator to step up and introduce a positive piece of GSE legislation, H.R. 1036, “To provide for the repayment of amounts borrowed by Fannie Mae and Freddie …” The bill calls for Fannie and Freddie to reimburse the United States Treasury for the $187.5 Billion the two received in 2008, employing a 5% annual interest rate (the same rate banks were charged, not the 10% Treasury initially charged the GSEs) with all previous “dividend” payments—as F&F Treasury expenditures have been labeled—applicable to their outstanding original debt. Under his legislative arrangement, bottom line, Capuano’s bill would credit F&F the nearly $230 Billion they’re already returned to taxpayers, since 2012 ($40 Billion more than they were given).Upon determination that the $187.5 Billion has been returned, the two will keep everything above that repaid amount as capital, i.e. they will re-capitalize.”
For those of you unaware Bill has his own Fannie Mae blog here:

We are back in the saddle, well rested and preparing the latest volley to unload on the government from the truth cannons. We have made great progress on all fronts, and we have the most momentum to date in this struggle. Now is the time for a relentless series of guerrilla styled blitzkrieg offenses to crush them into submission. I want to thank our reader Brian, who provided these definitions that so accurately describe the military style campaign that we wage.


The strategy and tactics of guerrilla warfare tend to involve the use of a small, mobile force against a large, unwieldy one. The guerrilla force is largely or entirely organized in small units that are dependent on the support of the local population. Tactically, the guerrilla army makes massive, repetitive attacks far from the opponent’s center of gravity with a view to keeping its own casualties to a minimum and imposing a constant debilitating strain on the enemy. This may provoke the enemy into a brutal, excessively destructive response which will both anger their own supporters and increase support for the guerrillas, ultimately compelling the enemy to withdraw. (This describes our overall strategy perfectly it indeed is what we modeled it after)


Through the employment of combined arms in maneuver warfare, the blitzkrieg attempts to unbalance the enemy by making it difficult for them to respond effectively to the continuously changing front, and defeat them through a decisive (battle of annihilation). (This has worked brilliantly when utilized thus far)


I once again am proud of our readers who have launched yet another successful campaign to further the reach of our campaign of truth. This time they have taken to Twitter and created the hashtag #FannieGate.This is a great tool to spread the word of the government’s lawless plunder of the GSEs.We will be creating a page specifically concerning this effort. I encourage everyone to participate in this vital endeavor. All of our efforts will serve as a historical record as we document this brazen Soviet-Style profit grab that our government has engaged in. Generations to come will be able to research and review this epic battle.Our efforts will serve as a template for patriots around the world fighting for truth and justice.

We are thrilled to be back by your side and have a great post coming up concerning Jeb Bush’s ominous warning that he issued at the CPAC conference. He confirmed everything that we have been warning for months; the stake are high.

Keep the faith!