We want to take a moment and clarify a few things for our readers. Our goal in the beginning was to ensure simply that the truth was not lost in the great debate surrounding Fannie and Freddie. Today this remain our only goal. We have since emerged as one of the most closely watched sites by key figures on all sides of our struggle. We have also connected with many of these same key figures and remain in contact regularly with many as well. Our insistence and ability to expose the truth has also angered many. The administration particularly is not happy at all with us, the last few months they have launched a campaign to squash the truth.Unfortunately for them they have chosen to walk quite a tightrope juggling the lawsuits, a new Republican majority in Congress and their most loyal base calling for reform/release to name a few.By choosing to try and cover so many fronts simultaneously, we have made a difficult situation nearly impossible for them.That is not our problem nor was it ever our motive. You see if they would adopt our strategy and make the truth their only motive their problems would disappear. Extinguishing the truth seekers is not the answer to their problems, and it is a battle they cannot win.We have offered very simple solutions to their problems but to date they have chosen to ignore them.

To Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett and the administration we say:

Let me be clear, we are not the ones who chose to execute the 3rd amendment and engage in the lawless seizure of 2 private companies, an action that was based entirely on lies. We are not the ones whom after declaring our innocence refuse to defend ourselves in our nation’s courts.Rather you have chosen to hide behind every procedural trick in the book to avoid having your scheme exposed.We have not had a federal judge tell us that we are “making it up as we go along” as you have. You see it is your poor choices that have put you in such a difficult situation, it has nothing to do with our decision to expose your many lies. Now I will admit that your latest attempts to silence us have been your most successful to date but you still failed. We are still here stronger than ever. I highly suggest that instead of trying to silence those exposing your lies and schemes it would be far easier to reverse course and simply stop lying.Rest assured that we will remain, a thorn in your side until this is resolved.

We are currently working on a few very productive projects that will help greatly in getting the truth out.We are writing book that will provide a detailed accounting of all that has transpired thus far. We will resoundingly smash the lies and simply explain the truth.We will reveal certain details publicly for the first time that until now have been conveniently swept under the rug. We caution those who choose to back our government blindly, you risk losing all credibility once the world sees the extent of our government’s lies. Keep the Faith!