As we wrap up our Easter celebrations and our Jewish friends continue their Passover celebrations let’s take a moment and access the landscape of our cause. The last several weeks we have witnessed an escalation in attacks being staged from both sides in this great debate. As I am sure everyone has gathered by now I have no problem fiercely responding to their attacks and launching our own but the sad reality though is that the true victims of this protracted war are the millions of Americans caught in the crossfire of this conflict.The millions of Americans who still await the economic recovery to come to their neighborhoods and households.Our entire nation pays the price,as our economic recovery continues to stumble along there is no doubt that the paralysis caused by keeping nearly 20 percent of our economy in a state of limbo continues to exact a steep price.
You see as some Americans have enjoyed a near complete return to pre-crisis life, life for millions of others remains financially crushed.Take a look on Zillow at some financially depressed inner city neighborhoods, and you will see the utter lack of recovery. It is not just low to moderate income Americans that pay the price but it is these Americans that so often remain overlooked and cast aside because they lack the financial resources to buy those in DC who could help them.Fortunately not everyone in DC is for sale, and there are some who truly still give a voice to the voiceless, these are the true heroes. It is our most vulnerable citizens alongside the truth that we must ensure stay represented in this great debate.
Sometimes as battles rage on it is easy to lose sight of why we even began fighting in the first place.It becomes so important to win the battle at hand we forget why we joined the war to begin with.As in any war such as this egos get bruised, and the desire for revenge can completely cloud out our ability to see the price innocent Americans continue to pay.I believe this is true not just for us but for key players on both sides of this debate.I know at times it may not appear so I believe that there is an opportunity to resolve this in a way that everyone wins.Hidden behind the provocative statements of our opponents they are truly searching for a way out of this situation.We should capitalize on this and do everything we can to work on productive resolutions in which both sides can claim victory.We must not allow our anger and disdain against our opponents cloud our ability to seek a resolution. Let’s try and find areas of agreement rather than let the areas in which we disagree continue to define our struggle. Let’s make a concerted effort not to feed the flames of dissension and begin to offer commonsense ideas that will help bring an end to this long debate.Let’s try and keep the focus on the millions of Americans who have waited far too long already for the economic recovery to come to their lives. Keep the Faith!