Conservative co-conspirator Senator Grassley turns on Obama as motives to ignore lawlessness slip away.After 32 months of standing by in silent complicity as our government lawlessly swept all of Fannie and Freddie’s profits to the U.S. Treasury Senator Grassley abruptly changed course. As reported by Gretchen Morgenson:
“On Tuesday, Mr. Grassley sent letters to the Justice Department and the Treasury asking for details about the decision and why the government has kept such a tight lid on documents relating to it.” “In the letter to Mr. Holder, Mr. Grassley asked for details about the executive privilege claims made by Justice Department lawyers, specifically whether President Obama personally invoked the privilege related to the documents. Mr. Grassley also asked Mr. Holder under what legal authority the sweep was authorized and whether the Justice Department spoke with Treasury or F.H.F.A. about its legality.”

Grassley’s letter in its entirety:

I hope no one really believed that the Republicans would prove to be trusted co-conspirators. I warned back in September “When the lid blows off of this, it is Obama who will ultimately be left holding the bag, and he knows this. All the congressman on both sides of the aisle who have played such a huge role in the hijacking of Fannie and Freddie will scatter like rats on the Titanic. History will quickly forget the role any of them played in it. It will although be forever etched into Obamas legacy.”

The timing of this abrupt reversal is no coincidence when you consider what I wrote in my last post: “I know at times it may not appear so I believe that there is an opportunity to resolve this in a way that everyone wins.Hidden behind the provocative statements of our opponents they are truly searching for a way out of this situation.”

Clearly the Republicans feel that their motives to ignore the lawless sweep no longer exist. As many of you know we have spent many months trying to get the Republicans/Conservatives to honor their most core principals and speak out against the illegal seizure of two private companies by our government. Our pleas went largely unanswered as Senator Pat Toomey was the only Republican in DC to speak out against the heist.They chose to ignore the seizure due to their hatred of Fannie and Freddie; they felt that the sweep would help bring about their elimination, so they ignored the lawlessness of it. As we have stated over and again that this will play out in a highly political fashion and today’s news is an extreme example of this.Realizing that the administration is actively seeking ways to end the lawsuits and bring an end to this saga the Republicans are now pouncing to extract revenge for what they see as a betrayal of the silent agreement they had with the Democrats.Last July we shared in depth about the motives of both parties:

I would hope that Obama now sees the writing on the wall and ends this before the lid blows completely off and causes irreparable damage to both him and many key players in his administration.Coupled with impending depositions in the “Fairholme Lawsuit” and now the loss of his key conservative co-conspirators there is no longer any logical reason to delay. To allow the incredibly successful turnaround of Fannie and Freddie to descend into a complete scandal would be an incredibly poor political calculation. To make fighting lawsuits lodged by shareholders who own a mere 20% of companies in which you own 80% to dominate such a huge national policy was greatly misguided to begin with.As I stated in my last post at some point everyone needs to transcend the animosity and refocus on the reality of the situation, now is the time.
I look forward to continuing to keep the light of truth shining on every aspect of our situation but also plan on offering constructive paths that can make winners out of everyone involved. America is better than what we have seen transpire thus far, and I have faith that in the end the wrongs will be made right. Keep the Faith!