We would like to thank the DOJ for so promptly confirming the fact that depositions indeed have begun in the Fairholme lawsuit. We were very confident in the tip we received from a Milken associate, but it’s always nice to get such rapid confirmation from the government attorneys.

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The document in which they made the confirmation was their response regarding the battle over the protected status of the privilege logs.The government sure is desperate to keep these logs hidden, could it be that due to the vast amount of names being released? Do they fear that perhaps with so many names being released someone may be approached and convinced to share the truth? After all everyone isn’t a sociopathic liar like some of the higher level officials involved.

The “leading liberal think tank” the Urban Institute showed just how little they know about our issue today when they published: http://www.urban.org/sites/default/files/alfresco/publication-pdfs/2000229-Privatizing-Fannie-and-Freddie.pdf
The report reads like something I would have expected from Peter Wallison at AEI. How the Urban Institute could be this lost so late in this game is mind blowing. I would suggest that if we have any liberal donors to the Institute that you promptly demand a refund.By making a staggering array of bizarre and false assumptions Parrot and Zandi lead one to believe that Johnson/Crapo would be a better alternative to reform/release.I guess Urban Institute has no problem with the big banks unleashing their predatory style tactics on the low to moderate borrowers in underserved areas? That’s if they could even get a traditional mortgage at all because God knows redlining will reign supreme once again in the absence of the GSEs.I must say I am thoroughly disgusted in the Institutes perverse lack of even a basic understanding of our cause. Can someone research which big bank bought them off?

I want to make it clear to Hillary and the rest of the Democrats we guarantee the world will know the truth about the deception ridden lawless attempt to hand the secondary mortgage market to the big banks. The destruction this would unleash on our most vulnerable citizens will be well documented. Any Democrat, who remains complicit, will face an unprecedented attack to ensure their loss at the polls.The light of truth will make it impossible for you to feign surprise.

On Twitter Adam Spittler shared this gem: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/14/AR2008081403604.html
Wouldn’t you know that Hank Paulson enlisted mortgage fraud king Morgan Stanley to “evaluate” the GSEs just prior to the conservatorship. They volunteered to examine the GSEs confidential records for free none the less. The string of former Goldman execs in this heist speaks volumes.
Fan O. Fred made the quick-witted observation that Morgan Stanley helped declare Fannie and Freddie “in trouble.” Then blamed for trouble: http://bloom.bg/1LIX2qE”
It is so obvious now that the big banks and the lords of high finance are behind this plot to hijack the secondary mortgage market for their selfish gains it is pathetic.The cast of characters involved in this plot lead by Goldman Sachs poster boy Hank Paulson reads like a who’s who of let’s rape America. Senator Warrens silence on this issue is completely discrediting her role of champion for the common man.The way she cast herself as the enemy of the big banks rings hollow in light of this. Again I assure Senator Warren that her complicity in this heist is being documented, and the truth will be very simply explained to voters in any future campaigns she may wage.

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