Discussions between GSE exec and Treasury regarding the DTA reversals confirmed in new lawsuit:

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Proving once again that our commitment to the truth allows us to smash the access journalists coverage of this critical story.
A copy of the Complaint filed yesterday initiating a new lawsuit entitled Saxton v. FHFA in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Iowa is attached to this e-mail message.

The Saxton plaintiffs say in paragraph 68 of their Complaint that:

“A senior executive at one of the Companies even discussed the reversal of the deferred tax assets valuation allowance with Treasury on eve of the Net Worth Sweep.”

That statement doesn’t appear to have bubbled to the surface in the GSE litigation to date and is inconsistent with these statements:

“At the time of the negotiation of the Third Amendment, the Conservator and the Enterprises had not yet begun to discuss whether or when the Enterprises would be able to recognize any value to their deferred tax assets. Thus, neither the Conservator nor Treasury envisioned at the time of the Third Amendment that Fannie Mae’s valuation allowance on its deferred tax assets would be reversed in early 2013, resulting in a sudden and substantial increase in Fannie Mae’s net worth, which was paid to Treasury in mid-2013 by virtue of the net worth dividend.”

appearing in the Declaration submitted by FHFA Advisor Mario Ugoletti in Perry Capital v. Lew, Case No. 13-cv-01025 (D.D.C.), Doc. 27, Tab 1, par. 20 at 9-10.

(Thanks to Peter Chapman for arranging this so nicely)

This is critical because it smashes Treasury’s impossible to believe circular draw alibi.Mario Ugoletti also made headlines here back on March 30th when we cautioned: “Mario Ugoletti: “Do Not Leave the Country and Seek Personal Legal Counsel ASAP/ Perjury charges?”.
I have also confirmed that Mr. Ugoletti was recently deposed in the “Fairholme Lawsuit” discovery.We hope to be able to share the results of that deposition soon.

I also want to share here with everyone what I shared in the comments section of my last post and then on Twitter: 2 Pulitzer Prize winning journalists working on major articles about Treasury’s lawless seizure. Stay tuned.

As more people become aware of our government’s brazen scheme, the more top shelf reporters are becoming attracted to our vital cause. I will likely edit this post and add more over the weekend.
I want to thank all of you who help us to pursue and share the truth with America. The two basic ingredients that have fueled our success are 1) That we seek only to discover and share the truth and 2) we are not beholden to anyone. The degree of support that we have received from virtually every major front in this battle constantly humbles me. There are many unsung heroes in our struggle, from those who sacrifice so much of their precious time to those who risk so much by being involved it is all of you who are the true heroes. You are what makes America so great. Keep the Faith!