The government is furious at the attention the publicizing of the privilege logs has brought to our cause in the “Fairholme Lawsuit”. This is clearly evident by the lengths they are going to suddenly make them “protected”.It was a brilliant move by Fairholme to make these logs public, and the government is now going to extraordinary lengths to make them private with the hopes that the attention they brought can be diffused. I am sorry to inform them, but the genie is already out of the bottle. We have now attracted the attention of 2 Pulitzer Prize winners among other top notch journalists. The publicizing of the logs showed to the world the extraordinary lengths our government was willing to go to ensure that their crimes would remain hidden.
I believe there will be a motion to unseal Mario Ugolettis testimony soon in the Fairholme lawsuit.This would be a major victory for the truth. Mario found himself in a lose lose proposition concerning his deposition.He could either lie like he already did in sworn written testimony for the “Perry Injunction” and claim again that the Treasury/FHFA did not consider the fact that huge profits were coming to the GSEs prior to the third amendment sweep.
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Or he could be honest and admit that they did consider the fact that big profits were coming prior to the sweep.The best part is that there is a mountain of evidence proving that they did discuss the big profits that were coming in the form of DTA reversals. This is a technical term in which the GSEs were forced to write down DTAs (Deferred tax allowances) soon after they were put in conservatorship to make them appear far worse off than they really were.This also forced them to needlessly borrow billions of dollars at 10 percent interest.Once they became profitable again in 2012, the DTAs would be reversed sending all of the money they were forced to borrow back to the GSEs. Seeing this the Treasury conspired with FHFA head and GSE hater Ed DeMarco to send all of theses profits directly to Treasury, not allowing the GSEs to pay back a penny of what they borrowed.
At this very moment, there is an incredible volley being prepared to fire at the government’s lawlessness.As I reported, we have 2 Pulitzer Prize winners and other top shelf journalists set to expose various aspects of the government’s scheme. The DTAs seem to be quite a hot topic as this is one area where the government is caught dead in their lies. Remember their entire defense in the Fairholme lawsuit rests on their perverse alibi that the third amendment sweep was put in place to “save the GSEs” from the death spiral that the circular draws had them on.Coincidently they have not required a draw since the government began seizing all of their profits.The fact that they would even have considered such a brazen scheme speaks to the fact that Treasury is loaded with the very same Wall Street bankers who brought us the financial crisis in the first place. They are so used to getting away with brazen schemes that defraud Americans out of their hard-earned dollars the third amendment sweep was par for the course. It was truly the height of arrogance as they felt that by committing this crime as “Treasury officials” they were above the law.The fact that our government ever thought they could get away with such a brazen heist is chilling. The lengths they have gone to try and hide it is treasonous.
I have repeatedly warned that the longer the Administration lets this drama play out, the more truth will come to light.Whether it be the true motive for the sweep or the extent our government went to ensure that the GSEs would never survive the so-called “rescue”, more blockbusting truths seem to surface every week.Besides the access journalists, no one with any knowledge of our cause has any faith that our government is being truthful. This is a complicated issue which is why it is only the well seasoned and Pulitzer Prize caliber journalists who have now joined me in exposing this epic story. The less experienced/sophisticated journalists lack the skills that very few possess, skills that enable us to unravel their schemes with a razor sharp precision.As always I do welcome the competition and am even willing to help bring anyone looking to join our quest up to speed.It is this competition that will push every one of us to our limits, as we all try to emerge the true champion of the truth when this concludes.I may actually recuse myself in the end and allow the first runner up to take the title as I do have an unfair advantage at this point.

Tim Bowler is on deck for a deposition, and I look forward to unraveling the role that he played in this crime. I hope Tim is truthful and plays a role in the healing that can only come once justice is served.Being truthful will go a long way in vindicating many of those who found themselves wrapped up in a crime that they neither planned nor condoned but felt obligated to follow orders from superiors.

You see I am more dedicated to this cause than ever before as we finally see glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel.I am thrilled to announce that we have been involved in the production of a white paper entitled: “Obama is Letting Fannie and Freddie Slip Away, and it’s going to Decimate African American Borrowers”. We believe it will be shared publicly by Sunday or Monday. We felt that it would be a gross betrayal of the truth not to shed light on an aspect of our cause that has been kept in the shadows. For although without a doubt all Americans would pay a price if the GSEs were eliminated, Black Americans would pay a far steeper price than others. The paper will consist of the following topics:
This paper will cover the four key topics needed to understand this issue:
(I) A brief history of racial discrimination in housing finance, its impact, and the proof that banks continue this discrimination to maximize profits;
(II) A brief history of the GSEs, and the enormous role they play in ensuring fair lending;
(III) How the Republicans plan to dismantle these protections, and what the future will look like without Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; and finally
(IV) What can be done to prevent this outcome?

We again applaud the efforts of Patriot Trevor Thompson for the tireless effort he put into crafting this scholarly work.

We look forward in leading this campaign to spread this vital message. For those that have pushed us to leave race out of this debate, I remind you that we are beholden to the truth, and we must ensure that the entire truth be told.We must follow the truth wherever it may lead, to do anything but, and we would soon be no different than our enemies,” making it up as they go along”.
In closing, I just want to remind everyone that if at times it seems as if our campaign has ground to a halt there is always much going on behind the scenes. Many true patriots put in countless and tireless hours into ensuring that we emerge victoriously.The war is not over until we win period and win we will. Keep the Faith!