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Developments are happening at a rapid pace, and Mario Ugoletti seems poised to blow this thing sky high. Tonight’s news regarding the New York Times motion to intervene and request that the depositions of Mario Ugoletti and Ed Demarco be unsealed. I can assure you it is truly Ugolettis deposition that they, like many others, want to get their hands on.6:30:15 NYT Ugoletti motion
The New York Times recognizes the great value his deposition holds.I am aware that Gretchen is working diligently on our cause and has uncovered some very critical information that we hope she shares soon. I suspected she was waiting for Ugolettis deposition to become unsealed before she ran her story because it complimented what she already has very well. Today’s motion by the New York Times confirms that what I have heard is true. Out of respect for Gretchen and the hard work she is putting into this I cannot share any more than the fact that Ugoletti may not be the only current or former administration/GSE official to be shedding light on things at the moment.

Wise Move
In what has been one shocking development after another, in a motion filed Monday we learned that Mr. Ugoletti likely has sought personal council:
Pursuant to paragraph 7 of this Court’s Protective Order dated July 16, 2014 (ECF No.73), defendant, the United States, respectfully requests that Richard B. Harper and Jessica F.Rosenbaum be permitted access to information protected by the Protective Order. The applicants are counsel for a deponent who will be provided access to Protected Information pursuant to Paragraph 4 of the Protective Order.

For those of you that missed the 6/26/15 edit in my last post I offer the redacted motion to unseal the Ugoletti and Demarco depositions along with my commentary:

Edit 6/26/15 Ugoletti Squeals.
Folks I cannot overstate the importance of the redacted motion filed concerning unsealing Ugolettis deposition.I have attached it to this post.
Clearly Ugoletti has smashed the government’s outrageous “death spiral” defense. He contradicted his past sworn affidavit from the Perry Injunction.
This will have huge implications both in the Fairholme trial and the Perry appeal.
“Furthermore, Plaintiffs are prejudiced by the fact that, as things currently stand, they can not use the information in the Depositions in their case challenging the Net Worth Sweep in theD.C. Circuit (or in any other case in which they may participate in the future, for that matter). As explained below, this prejudice is particularly acute because Mr. Ugoletti’s testimony calls into question evidence submitted by FHFA in the district court.”


Chilling nature of Judge Lamberth unveiled in Perry Appeal Brief
The Perry Injunction appeal was filed today, but we were all privileged to it a day earlier thanks to Joe Light WSJ. I have studied it three times, as this is like a drug to me. I am amazed at how brilliantly they have shredded Lamberth’s flawed ruling.The lengths Lamberth went to stretch the bounds of justice in an attempt to sweep the Governments lawlessness under the carpet is chilling.Judges like Lamberth are one of the greatest threats to our democracy, I suggest everyone study this as it offers several incredible insights.

“Ron Swanson” shared this gem on Twitter

Clearly the DTAs were considered unlike what Ugoletti swore to in his affidavit that he provided in the Perry Injunction. It’s no wonder they are so anxious to see his Deposition be allowed to be brought into the appeal. If the depositions are as revealing as I strongly believe that alone could topple the government’s case in the Perry appeal.

We cannot and will not fail,the Truth will prevail.
I hope everyone understands better why our government has grown so increasingly desperate.I also hope everyone realizes that regardless of what some of our weaker links may think we have made incredible progress, we are literally one bombshell away from seeing the government’s defense impaled beyond repair.I encourage everyone to watch for subtle shifts surrounding our cause.Remember a year ago we celebrated when Senator Schumer acknowledged that the GSEs have paid back the money they had drawn.

Exceptional Interest
As I shared yesterday in the comments: I have noted a very consistent and unusual amount of views for all of my Ugoletti posts. Who may that be? This has gone on over a period of several days. I think I will put together a post with all of my Ugoletti posts and comments to simplify the process for those who are interested in joining us in this critical investigation.For now I will re=share my first Ugoletti headline as it has been the most popular by far: https://timhoward717.com/2015/03/30/mario-ugoletti-do-not-leave-the-country-and-seek-personal-legal-counsel-asap-perjury-charges/
From the 3/30 “Mario Ugoletti: Do Not Leave the Country and Seek Personal Legal Counsel ASAP/ Perjury charges?” post:

“In the “Fairholme Lawsuit,” there will be a status conference tomorrow morning at 11 am concerning depositions.If Judge Sweeney allows depositions to proceed at this stage, it will change the dynamics of this battle greatly in our favor.It will be fascinating to see how the co-conspirators navigate the multiple conflicting reasons that have been given for the 3rd amendment sweep.We caution those who will give depositions not to make the same mistake Mario Ugoletti did and give sworn testimony concerning the false reasons for the 3rd amendment. Please take note of our last post and remember that no one besides Attorney Schwind is defending the now obvious false reasons for the sweep. Should you risk your career defending under oath what no top level officials will even defend in public? Before you give your testimony, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you ever imagined you would be forced to consider lying under oath as part of your service to our country? Also do not forget that the cover up is so often far worse than the crime in situations like this, Mario Ugoletti and others may soon have to learn this the hard way, you don’t have to. You do not want to join the list of those likely to soon be facing perjury charges.” 3/30/15

Steadfast and Inspiring
One of the most dedicated patriots in our cause Bryndon Fisher made this moving comment tonight.
“You will meet me, because the truth ultimately wins out. And how I know that is because the truth, and love, always prevail. I never thought in my lifetime that I would ever celebrate the love in my life, but tomorrow will be my partner’s and my 32nd anniversary together. Cheers to justice, cheers to truth, and cheers to love. America will be alright as long as we continue to move forward.”

Bryndon’s dedication and courage is humbling, not once in our struggle no matter how dark it has got have I heard Bryndon buckle, please join me in congratulating both Bryndon and his partner. Keep the Faith, the Truth never surrenders