Sweeney Cascades Docs To Perry Appeal

I want to clarify some of today’s sensational headlines circulating regarding Judges Sweeney’s order from yesterday.
order granting general leave (1)

I understand that very few people follow this as closely me, but I was aware since 7/9/15 that Judge Sweeney likely allowed some critical discovery material to go to the “Perry Appeal”.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.51.32 PM

On 7/14 in a motion put forth by the government arguing for more time to respond to the motion to unseal documents and depositions, this was confirmed:
Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.53.57 PM

In my last post I mentioned:
“His sworn deposition has been sent under seal to the “Perry Injunction Appeal”. Letting everyone know that Marios deposition had been sent over to the “Perry Appeal”.

Yesterday’s order by Judge Sweeney took this to dramatic new heights by allowing absolutely everything gathered through discovery to be sent under seal to the “Perry Injunction”. In my last post regarding the redacted motions to unseal documents and depositions, I cited how Fairholme did a brilliant job of letting us know what they have uncovered without breaking the protective order. I am able to decipher much of what was redacted by again correlating it to evidence that I have known exists.I can assure you that the government’s defense has been completely destroyed. The evidence that has been gathered deals a striking blow to the “Perry Injunction” decision by Judge Lamberth. Lamberth issued his ruling based on the fact that everything that each side presented was truthful. We now clearly that his decision was based largely on outright lies submitted by our government,submitted with the motive of pulling off a brazen scheme in which they have illegally seized two private companies and fraudulently siphoned billions into Treasury’s coffers.

Harlan Green : Profile In Courage
It’s not very often that I read an article or letter to the editor that I am very thrilled with as it’s clear that most are beholden to too many interests besides the truth and feel the need to either cover up their past lies or simply parrot the lies put forth by our government. Harlan Green from the Huffington Post more than impressed me tonight with his willingness to confront our government head on. His article is a true profile in courage:

“Instead, due to a last minute (2012) ‘tweak’ to the original conservatorship order, all profits go into the Treasury General Fund, which has raised suspicions that Treasury is behind the move to capture all profits for its own uses, rather than returning value to preferred stockholders, at least. How is that fair when the GSEs weren’t responsible for the bubble, or subprime loans, or the Great Recession, at all? We know this because some $14 billion in settlements have already been recovered from those commercial banks and Wall Street entities that submitted fraudulently underwritten mortgages misrepresenting their loan quality to Fannie and Freddie.”

In line after line, Harlan exposes the scheme for what it truly is.I was also thrilled to see the forensic accounting finding it’s way into the conversation lately, how refreshing:

“This is important for several reasons–not least is the reputed $36 billion in preferred Fannie stock alone that was ‘taken’ by the government when it claimed Fannie and Freddie were in danger of collapse, and so had to be recapitalized with government support to the tune of $187 billion.”

When it “claimed” Fannie and Freddie were in danger of collapse.We know now that this was an utterly false claim. :

Harlan left us with this graph that points out just how insane it was for our government to try and claim they seized all of the GSEs money to “save” them.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 11.07.45 PM

Harlan sees right through our governments lies and he unlike so many other journalists is not afraid to tell the truth. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/harlan-green/will-fannie-and-freddies_b_7852120.html

Love The Way You Lie
I am trying to arrange a very special reward for the person who can provide me with the name of the person who first suggested the outrageously false death spiral alibi.I am interested in Treasury/FHFAs death spiral alibi regarding the 2012 sweep.
More details will be announced soon concerning this incredible offer.I am absolutely obsessed with this and will not rest until I know.

Scale Has Tipped
I have been primarily immersed in the political side of our cause lately, this I believe is where we will ultimately win this war, and we have made massive gains on this front over the last few weeks.As I recently shared in the comments recently:

“I have received some very encouraging news from one of my most trusted and critical sources that things are looking very good right now. I cannot overestimate the validity and importance of this statement. Those who are following closely on the political side must be able to see the winds of change blowing.
Our messages have been getting through loud and clear and we continue to have a profound impact on some of the most influential partners in our battle. We have two key initiatives in the works that I believe will play a vital role in building on the very positive momentum we currently have.”

The political liabilities to maintain the charade now outweigh the benefits. Remember all along I have said this is when we will see action.
I am anxiously awaiting the completion of a whiteboard presentation in which we will lay out many of the bold assessments concerning how disastrous it will be for Black America if Fannie and Freddie were to be eliminated.

Calabria Can’t Resist
I want to thank Mark Calabria and Kelly Riddell for putting into such great detail what I have been warning for months.

“There is growing consensus in financial circles that the seeds of the mortgage market collapse were sown during Bill Clinton’s presidency in the mid-1990s. That was when he helped push through changes that empowered Fannie and Freddie to give more mortgages to minorities and lower-income Americans, often at below-prime interest rates and with little down payments.”

“It’s going to be a tough needle for her to thread — people on the left still believe Fannie and Freddie was a good model and that the housing crisis was all about Wall Street greed. She’s got a tough road to walk on this.”

Wallison’s narrative will be an easy sell as long as Democrats remain muzzled by President Obama as former President Bill Clinton will be cast as the Godfather of the financial crisis. This will be covered in great detail as well as much more in our upcoming “Political Ramifications” paper. This will lay bare exactly what is at stake for President Obama and the Democrats. The stakes are high: millions of Americas most vulnerable citizens will either have a place to live or not, millions of Black Americans will either have the ability to buy a home or not and Hillary 2016 will either have a legitimate shot of winning or not.

Ugoletti: Betrayed And Disillusioned May Resign
I have also heard that multiple sources believe that Mario Ugoletti may be contemplating resigning. This would not be a surprise considering the position he has been placed in by our government.First they asked him to lie in a sworn affidavit in the “Perry Injunction” and then had the audacity to ask him to give a sworn deposition over a year later when he had no choice but to prove his affidavit perjurious. I am sure that when he provided the false affidavit he never imagined they would allow this to play out this long. No one in their right mind would have put themselves in harms way if they ever thought they would have to give then a sworn deposition after their own damning emails were being turned over in discovery.Mario has retained his own private counsel, and I am sure they are advising him to remove himself from the government and take actions to protect himself. There is no need for him to stay aboard the sinking ship with those that committed this ultimate betrayal upon him.

McFarland’s Potential Death Blow
Former CFO Susan McFarland has been deposed and if she shared even half of what I have heard she was aware of privately than I am sure her deposition was a grand slam for our cause.Her deposition should provide quite the contrast to our government’s false version of things.Treasury should rightly be very nervous about this considering several emails that were exchanged leading up to the third amendment.You have no idea how hard it was to withhold this knowledge every time Treasury took their shots at us, but I did not want to jeopardize the potential this information offered. ( Again I have no idea what was shared in the deposition but I do know what I have heard for months)

Keep the Faith!