The Mighty Reverend Sharpton Has Spoken

Civil Rights icon Reverend Al Sharpton lent his powerful voice to the critical cause of saving Fannie and Freddie:
“Fannie and Freddie, by charter, have a legal obligation to serve underserved communities, and the longer they remain vulnerable to dissolution, without a viable alternative, the harder it will be for deserving Americans to secure their chance at the American Dream. Yes, we will have to work hard to ensure that past mistakes are not repeated, but this administration has the authority today, and the moral obligation, to take action while there’s a chance to save homes and provide families a pathway to homeownership. Before the disparities among Americans grow even starker. The time to act is now.”

Reverend Sharpton leaves no room for negotiation; he understands that the time to act is drawing to a close, and the stakes are incredibly high. He knows better than anyone that if the GSEs were to get into a Republican President’s hands in 2016 they would be destroyed. And with them the hopes and dreams of millions of Black Americans.He clearly has a firm grasp on the truth, he knows that President Obama has the authority to and must act soon.

Here the Reverend shares the cold hard truth:
“Contrary to the pronouncements that “America is thriving” again and “the U.S. economy is doing better than expected,” communities of color know better. Large majorities of Latinos and African Americans believe they’re being left out of the recovery. If Washington is serious about income inequality, access to affordable housing should be a serious part of the solution.”

It has been six and a half years, and the very group that played the biggest role in electing President Obama has been left out of the economic recovery.Their disgust and disappointment threaten to destroy any hopes the Democrats have in the 2016 elections. At this point if President Obama fails to heed the demands of these powerful voices the Democrats will not get anywhere near the turnout they need for victory in 2016.This will be covered in great detail in Trevor Thompson’s new paper that will be released any day now. I reviewed a portion of it today and must say he has aced it again.

The grossly offensive racist comments that can be found in the comments section of Als article provide chilling proof of just how critical it is for President Obama to act now. He must protect minority Americans from the savages that will slaughter them if given the chance. As much as people try and claim that America has changed, racism still pervades every aspect of America including the banking and political spheres.The Reverend knows this better than anyone, and his demands must be met.I want to commend our readers who took the time to defend Al and encourage more to do the same.

Forensic Accounting Adds Fuel To Fire
Another bombshell was dropped in the Fairholme Lawsuit today as they filed a redacted motion to send protected information to the Perry Appeal.This time we get a nice glimpse of what former Fannie Mae CFO revealed in her recent deposition.
Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 1.25.00 AM
Clearly Ms. McFarland has proven that Mr. Ugoletti was anything but truthful in his prior sworn deposition.The evidence has become so undeniable that the Perry Injunction lawyers will be filing a motion asking Judge Lamberth to reconsider his flawed verdict considering his judgment was based on nothing but lies that Our government drowned him in.

I think it’s important to point out the huge role that Adam Spittler and Mike Ciklins forensic accounting have played in the Fairholme Lawsuit.It is no coincidence that the focus quickly turned to the accounting firms who co-signed the fraud and the fraudulent accounting itself. I believe their work played a critical role in devising the questions that enabled Ms. McFarland to expose completely both Ugolettis and Our governments many lies. They deserve recognition for the vital role they have played in leaving Our government’s defense a literal smoldering rubble at this point.

Summer Of The Great Liberation?

At the beginning of July, I predicted that an intensive aerial bombardment was set to commence against Our government’s blockade of lies.As you see this campaign has been so successful it has been carried right into August.This campaign has spanned both the political and legal arenas.Our plan to escalate pressure on all fronts has sent our opponents reeling; I could not be prouder of the many patriots who have taken part in this elaborate and well-planned advance. This may become to be known as the “The Summer Of The Great Liberation” True Patriot Reverend Sharpton was a crowning achievement in this campaign. The respect he wields with both our President and the many civil rights groups that have spoken out on the GSEs behalf is invaluable.

I know that work has been done recently to identify common ground on Housing finance and what both sides would both like to see in a reform/release scenario. I believe that as I said yesterday an end plan is being formulated. Based on concrete data that I have obtained through those close to Rep. Mulvaney and other key players It has been identified that the Republicans primary concern is that the GSEs be forced to hold ten percent capital. The Democrats primary goal is to lock in the trust funds and mandates that ensure equal access for all Americans to the mortgage market. We also know that the Administration would like to see the lawsuits resolved by the end of the summer.Based on these and other key facts It does not leave much to the imagination as to how this can be resolved.I hesitate to share my thoughts on this for fear of alerting our opponents and allowing them to use my words against us as they have tried in the past.I think anyone with a general knowledge of our cause can draw some logical conclusions based on theses facts. Keep the Faith!