I will be posting more today or tonight regarding the Demarco and Stevens about face and more. I wanted to get this up because people are struggling to navigate the site with the 900 plus comments on the last post.

As far as the mediation talk I will share this from the “Appellate Mediation Program.”
“The content of mediation discussions and proceedings, including any statement made or document prepared by any party, attorney or other participant, is privileged and shall not be disclosed to the Court or construed for any purpose, in any proceeding in any forum, as an admission against interest. Mediators shall not comply with requests for information about mediated cases and, if subpoenaed, are hereby instructed not to testify. Participating counsel and their clients will refrain from commenting publicly about the fact that a case is in mediation or from disclosing any information about the parties’ discussions or the status of the talks to anyone who is not, directly or indirectly, a party to the negotiations.”
With that said I will say that mediation was recently suggested, this is a confirmed fact. But due to the above guideline I cannot get much more information.I also think that we should not publicize this at all, please do not mention this on Twitter or anywhere else.Please keep these discussions on this private. I have attached the guidelines below. Keep the Faith