If it were not for the fact that we have blown over the 500 comment mark on my last post, I would likely not even be posting today. I do not wish to wade into the carnival atmosphere that has enveloped Dick Bove’s speculation regarding a potential legal settlement.Anyone who has been reading my blog and following closely understands that there have been some recent key events that indicate that the tide has turned, and a resolution could occur in the near future.

I certainly have no intentions of analyzing the WSJs bizarre analysis of Bove’s theories. To think that they can just make a simple phone call and confirm or deny things transpiring at this level is the height of naivety. I do find it amusing that the WSJ tends to ignore several very positive signs in a row and act as if they didn’t happen and then chime in to refute something like Bove’s analysis.A perfect example is right in my last post. Have they even attempted to explain why Ed Demarco and Davide Stevens abandoned their dreams of completely eliminating Fannie and Freddie? Have they tried to explain why Ed Demarco is now offering a hybrid model with the GSEs leading the way? Of course, they have not because developments like that don’t fit their narrative.

I have no intentions of participating in anything that may jeopardize the major progress we have made. Wildly speculating over every move is not productive, you will note that I may no mention of the “Obama golf trip”. Those who are our allies should follow my lead and not make a big deal out of every development. We need to give a little space here and let things play out. We do not want to force the administration’s hand and force them to comment prematurely.

That does not mean that we stop fighting, but we should exercise common sense concerning what we publicize and what we don’t.
I will likely be expanding on this post later if I do I will notate the title with an edit: time stamp. Keep the Faith