Blockbuster White Board Premiere
Today we have answered our critics who were convinced we were on the ropes with a renewed attack to strike back on Treasury’s lies.First I am thrilled to announce the release of a whiteboard presentation entitled “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s critical role in protecting Black America” that both Trevor Thompson and I worked extensively on.I suggest everyone circulate this far and wide to ensure that the valuable truths contained in it reach every person who can help our cause.In a very simple yet powerful way, it encapsulates the most powerful points of our argument and shows just hot critical Fannie and Freddie are at ensuring equal access for all to Americans housing market.

The “Noisy Chorus” Strikes Again

In a letter sent to President Obama the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) stated:

“In the months that remain, we urge the Administration to consider the critical role of the affordable housing goals, rethink its position and begin the recapitalization of the Enterprises while also continuing to pursue the reforms that remain for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.”

The “noisy chorus” that Treasury Counselor Mike Stegman referred last week got a lot noisier today.Joining the multiple other civil rights group that have demonstrated that they know the truth about the GSEs and demanded their release from incarceration.

They also warned:
“However, we also see certain political realities in front of us: there is no consensus in Congress around comprehensive housing finance reform, and a new Administration with unknown housing policies is on the horizon.”

Clearly they are more aware than anyone of the dangers that a potential Republican Administration would pose for their hopes of retaining the hard fought gains that they have accomplished.I suggest you revisit our paper entitled “How Republicans Would Destroy Fannie and Freddie if They Win the Presidency.” In the post linked below you will find this and some other critical papers. (Full letter)

Ron Begala Swanson Smashes Stegmans Lies (Literally)

In quite possibly the strongest terms possible GSE patriot Ron Swanson builds on my last post and makes it explicitly clear that President Obama and his Treasury are in the midst of one of the most shocking con jobs in U.S. history. In a post unabashedly entitled “Michael Stegman is a Stone Cold Liar (Right to Receive GSE Shares is Assignable)”

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We Have On Begun
For those of you who thought we were going to surrender today’s show of force should clarify things for you. There is far too much at stake for any of us to surrender, the truth is with us 100 percent, and ultimately we will win this war. The big question now is how much damage does our President intend to do to our country and his party.We have many allies who will not go down without a fight, and I think in the months ahead many will be shocked by what transpires.I believe that anyone who believes that the Honorable Mel Watt will cap off an illustrious career of fighting for civil rights by being a puppet complicit in the destruction of Fannie and Freddie will be sorely mistaken.I look forward to what the future will bring, and I assure you there will be more to come from our civil rights leaders. Keep the Faith!