The Truth Has Been Shared
I want to clarify a few things that I am aware of concerning our legal status. I have spoken to GSE execs who were well aware of the shenanigans surrounding the third amendment. I know of one very high-level former exec who was mortified when they saw Ugoletti’s now infamous affidavit he submitted in the Perry Injunction. They knew for a fact that he completely lied concerning the financial state of the GSEs leading up to and at the time the third amendment went into effect. They knew that he committed perjury plain and simple. They also have taken the appropriate actions to make this right.
I am aware of another who was actively involved in manipulating financial data in the lead up to the third amendment.
Still another who was keenly aware of many of the misdeeds since the start of the conservatorship and yes they are committed to ensuring the truth is known,
For a scheme of this magnitude to have taken place we always knew that people would have had to know.
The difference now is that we are no longer theorizing this, I know for a fact that the evidence is now there. Though I have no access to or no knowledge what is behind the redactions in the discovery docs, based on all I know I can very easily discern what is there.
People need to understand that there is far more to this investigation than discovery in the Fairholme lawsuit. At the appropriate time, we will offer a detailed accounting that even without access to sealed discovery it will be more than clear what truly transpired.

Our Day Will Come
I also know why our government is going to such epic lengths to keep it hidden. In light of all, we know now, it is obvious what they are trying to hide through executive and administrative privilege. Undoubtedly there were many discussions surrounding the true reasons for the third amendment.
Rest assured that although our opponents in the media are giddy with excitement, lately their celebration will be short-lived. The fact that so many in our media have sold their soul to the propaganda machine prevents them from sharing the truth even if they wanted to. I am under no such constraints as I am beholden only to the truth.
I can’t express how hard it is watching so many struggle when I know for a fact what is coming in the not so distant future. Keep the faith, my friends, our best days are coming.