I wanted to take a moment and check back in. As I have said before, I have been following our cause very carefully and also working on several fronts to advance the truth about Fannie and Freddie. I have stopped posting regularly because some of what I was sharing was being used by those committed to destroying Fannie and Freddie at all costs.
I also wanted to point out that I swept out quite a few wacko comments in the comments section and blocked a whole slew of IP addresses.I have been told that Glen Bradford is behind the Justice has been served poster as well as DC Bob and others.Many of the crazier stunts can generally be traced to Glen, unfortunately. His personal issues coupled with his incessant whining have done far more to hurt us than help.Thankfully our position is so strong now that we can withstand a few crazies meddling on the fringes.
I have written numerous writings related to various aspects of our cause and hope to post some soon.We continue to make big advances on the political and policy fronts and expect that we will resume our prior momentum on the legal front soon. As I shared on Twitter, our opponents have been busy preparing for some major defeats. At this stage of the war, I think we should start preparing to be humble victors and refrain from wild celebrations and in your face type behavior. This will only set us back and discredit our hard fought gains. Keep The Faith