Judge Sweeney granted the motion to compel in the Fairholme lawsuit. The order was filed under seal so we will have to wait for the redacted version to get the exact details.

The motion to compel was originally filed under seal on 11/23/15:

The redacted motion and appendixes can be seen here:






This is a major defeat for our government’s attempt to suppress the truth related to the seizure of Fannie and Freddie. As many of you know, the Obama administration has been withholding thousands of documents by claiming a variety of privilege claims. It has become very apparent that they are using these false claims to hide incriminating documents. Based on conversations that I have had with people on all sides of this battle I have long believed that if our government were forced to disclose these documents, it would shatter a defense that has already had many holes blown through it.Today’s events confirm and shed light on some of what I have said most recently both here on the blog and on Twitter @timhoward717.There has been a flurry of activity on the government side that indicated a defeat of this magnitude was brewing. I tried to convey this the best way possible.

The motion to compel concluded:


This news just broke a short time ago I will likely edit this post to include more information and commentary. Thank you for your continued support and for God’s sake Keep the faith!!