Important documents,articles and links.

Here we are going to assemble all of the important documents,articles and prior posts that we feel are very important to anyone interested in our cause.
Under this we will be posting some critical posts from the past, a good way to catch up on our cause.


Doc. 313 Unsealed Order

Unsealed Fannie Freddie documents Our blockbuster video on the importance of Fannie and Freddie.

Individuals With Access to Protected Information in Fairho-

How Republicans Would Destroy Fannie and Freddie if They Win the Presidency FINAL

Fannie and Freddie didn’t cause the crisis (2)

Fannie and Freddie are critical to Hillary ’16 (FINAL)

New Disclosures in the Fairholme Trial Eviscerate the Government Defense FINAL

FNMA 20150518 (2)

Fannie Mae Audit Support Supplement (6) “President Obama is Letting Fannie and Freddie Slip Away, and it will Destroy Opportunities for African American Borrowers” Trevor Thompson

PiszelVSUSA Ugolettis written testimony

8:10:12 CRO Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s Financial Problems 2

8:10:12 CRO Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s Financial Problems 2

TREASURY AND CONSERVATORSHIP (Excellent article by David Fiderer pointing out the truth.

“I am well aware, and regularly express my belief, that conservatorship should never be viewed as permanent or as a desirable end state” Mel Watt May 2013 First speech as FHFA director. (Coup officially began)

FHFA questions and answers on conservatorship 2


treasury memo (smoking gun) 2 Complete Bill Ackman slide show. (Must see, great way to get up to speed)

The Government Takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac- 2 (excellent Epstein paper)

Perry treasury_suit_announcement 2 (Perry Injunction announcement) (Ground breaking)

Reid has said he does not agree with eliminating Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

“The president said just a few days ago we are going to have to take a look at Fannie and Freddie. These are the government organizations that have made homeownership so easy. I don’t agree with the president,” Reid said in August 2013. “He says he wants to get rid of them. I think we’d better be very, very careful in doing that. I will look closely at his recommendations because on their face, I don’t like them.”

When asked by Ted Gayer, vice president and director of Economic Studies, during the Q&A session whether he has the authority to end conservatorship over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Director Watt responded:

“Well clearly we have the authority to end the conservatorship. It’s in the statute. The statute gave us the authority to start it and it goes with that the authority to end it. But the alternatives would not be desirable alternatives. So, I think our role, and the reason we work so hard in the current space, is to make sure that we have a solid plan for continuing the operations of Fannie and Freddie, and the Federal Home Loan Banks, so that there will be liquidity and efficiency in the housing market; and that we continue to operate as we have operated without interrupting housing finance in this country, because housing finance is such a critical part of the economy. To stop, or stand in place, just simply is not an option. We’ll continue it and I think our goals are consistent with continuing the operation of Fannie and Freddie in the here and the now and we’ll do that until there is legislation passed.”

5 thoughts on “Important documents,articles and links.”

  1. There are 2 new lawsuits challenging the PSPA – initiated by individuals in Iowa. The fact of these plaintiffs not being hedge funds may offset the government narrative that it’s only “those greedy and unscrupulous hedgies trying to rob the American People” who have skin in the game. The fact of these plaintiff narratives having been developed in light of the processes (and mistakes) of the various preceding lawsuits, may give them a leg up in circumventing government’s “spiderweb”.


  2. The FHFA is required under HERA to a conserve and preserve the assets of the GSE and release the GSEs when they are in a sound condition. Furthermore, if any other branch of Government interfers with the Conservators operations and duties, the Consevatorship is ended.

    I went to the Treasury Web site and looked up the time reporting for Mr. Lew and Mr. Geithner for all of 2012 and 2013.

    I noticed that for the month of Oct. 2012, the first (b)(6) issue came out of a Meeting with the POTUS, Bernanke,Greenspan,Harry Reid, Camp,Baucus and Sandy Levin.
    The POTUS and above people meet Oval Office Oct. 1 2012.
    I believe this is when Lew got his marching orders on GSE (b)(6) issues. The only description for time spent is (b)(6)’ with the rest of the description of meeting purpose was blacked out.

    On 10/2/12 Mr. Lew meets with Dennis McDonough for what are described as (b)(6) issues. Mr. Greenspan was also at mtg. Tim Geithner also meets with Mary Miller, Jason Furman, Rob Nabors, Mario Draghi,Jeff Zients,Tom Nids,Brian Deese,Gene Erling,Mary Beasley and Tom Mossad. All the people were discussing (b)(6) issues.

    10/3/12, Mr. Lew, Tim Geithner, Asst Sec. Wolin, Max Baucus met and discuss (b)(6) issues. Both Geithner and Lew report meeting with the same people at the same time.

    10/4/12, Mr. McDonough meets with Lew. Then Mr. Lew Meets with Tom Harkin, Lael Brainard, David Cohen, Max Baucus. The mtgs are listed as (b)(6) issues.

    10/6/12 Mr. Lew and Tim Geithner flew to New Delhi, India for (b)(6) issues. Mr. Lew first did A National TV circuit. CBS! CNN, NBC to tell his story of how the GSEs needed more ? It looks like Tim Geithner went to India first, and Mr. Lew joined him for (b)(6) issues a few days later.

    10/8/12, Mr. Lew meets with White House Snr. Advisors and Dennis McDounoigh of the FHFA is also at mtg to discuss (b)(6) issues.

    Based on a review of the schedules for Treasury, FHFA, POTUS, it appears that the 2 other Branches of Government significantly interfered with the FHFA’s conduct of business around the time the 3rd Amendment is signed.

    Any thoughts out there?




    ear fellows at TH717
    I want to suggest that we mail to our Senators and Representative the following letter , even if we already mailed them something else before.
    Dear Congressman
    I am one of the Americans that you represent in Congress. I live and work in your state/district and I am willing to know where do you stand about the following issue:
    1- Back in 2007/ 2008 several authorities assured to the Americans that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ( the GSEs) were in good standing and properly capitalized. Among them was Henry Paulson (ex Goldman Sachs CEO) at that time acting as Secretary of the Treasury.
    2- Behind the scenes the same Paulson was conspiring to destroy Fannie and Freddie. Paulson lied to Congress and asked to pass legislation aimed to put these companies in receivership.
    3- Congress passed HERA. Paulson gave inside information to fellow Wall St fund managers in a meeting today known as Eton Park . These managers shorted the companies and their stocks crashed. Paulson used the crash to force the boards of directors of the companies to accept Conservatorship under duress.
    4- Paulson wrote a book (On The Brink) where he openly confess that he forced
    the Conservatorship, gave immunity to the board of directors and lead to James Lockhart at that time director of OFHEO to change the positive opinion that this agency had expressed days earlier about the capital of the GSEs.
    5- This Conservatorship is illegal because it violates the rules of HERA. This violation is extensively described in the lawsuit “Washington Federal and City Of Austin Police Retirement System Vs US.
    6- The “Paulson Operation” destroyed thousand of billions in shareholder savings and transferred the wealth to a few hedge funds that received the insider information at the
    infamous Elton Park meeting.
    7- On the top of that, Paulson lobbied Congress to direct the GSEs to buy toxic assets from to big to fall banks. Although it is not clear if this happened or not during Conservatorship, it is true that the banks had previously dumped billions of bad loans on the GSEs. The proof of that are the thousands of billions that the banks agreed to pay to the GSEs in the settlements with DOJ. Thus it is clear that the GSEs did not produce the subprime crisis.
    8- During the conservatorship the GSEs were forced to draw from treasury money that they did not need to cover non cash losses produced by an overestimate of possible losses that never materialized. The GSEs received only 132 billions , not 189 billions like always is said. The true is that only 132 were injected in the GSEs and the other 57 were borrowed only to be paid back as dividends on the initial principal of 132 B.
    9- On August 2012 , in a self dealing operation known as “The Net Sweep” , Treasury and FHFA agreed to send to treasury as dividend not only 10% but all the profits of the GSEs . The former director of FHFA Ed De Marco told Congress that the purpose of the Net Sweep was to avoid re-capitalization of the GSEs.
    10- As January 2015 the GSEs have paid back to Treasury about $230 billions. That is $98 billions more than borrowed.
    11- because of the Net Sweep , the GSEs cannot retain profits to build capital. The lack of capital puts not only the taxpayers at risk but also all the retirement and pensions funds that hold Fannie and Freddie securities.
    All this been said , now let me ask you the following questions. Please answer straight forward with your real opinion. Please do not use prepared “party official” statements.
    1- When should the Conservatorship end?
    2- Do you consider that Treasury has been paid back ?
    3- Do you consider that the Net Sweep is legal?
    4- Are you for the GSEs to be reformed or wound down?
    5- How should shareholders be treated in any case.
    6- How are you going to protect taxpayers and pension funds if the GSEs are not allowed to build capital. ?
    I will appreciate your sincere and straight answers. No beating around the bush please.
    Your name here.



    Please send this message to your contacts and ask them
    to resend it as much as possible.
    In the subject line write “The Ultimate Attack On Middle Class”
    Not only the mortgage rates will go way up but
    also it will be very hard to get a loan. You will pay
    $1500 more per year on an average home loan of
    $ 200K. That is an extra $45,000 in 30 years!!
    These senators: Corker of TN , Warner of VA , and
    Hensarling of TX , Crapo of ID are supporting a
    bill in Congress that aims to wind down Fannie Mae
    and Freddie Mac.
    Fannie and Freddie are government sponsored and
    regulated corporations charged with the task of
    buying the loans that your local banks lend to you.
    In this way the banks free up their money and can
    offer new credits to the community while keeping
    the rates low.
    Fannie Mae was created in 1938 by Franklin Delano
    Roosevelt in order to propel the housing market out
    of the depression because the banks were reluctant to
    lend their own money at their own risk on mortgages.
    The same thing happens right now.
    The big banks were bailed out by Government in the
    recent crisis and were given hundred of billions .
    However the banks used the bail out money for their
    speculative investments rather than for loans to the
    Maybe you heard that these two companies were bailed
    out by the government. The true is that the government
    took over the companies and forced them to take 188
    billions that they didn’t need. Instead the US Treasury
    directed them to use the money to buy the toxic assets
    of the big banks. It means that the government not only
    lend money to the big banks but also helped them to get
    rid of their bad assets using Fannie and Freddie as a trash
    But the most important point is that in the last five years
    only Fannie and Freddie have been supporting the housing
    market by buying the mortgages originated by banks.
    It happens because private investors flew away from
    these genuine investments that create jobs.
    If Fannie and Freddie are wound down the mortgage
    market will be left in the hands of the big banks. The credit
    unions and local banks will depend on them.
    The fees will go up. The interest rate will go up.
    Several studies confirm that you will pay $ 1,500 more per
    year in an average loan of $ 200K. That is $45K
    in 30 years.
    If you already have a mortgage your pain will come
    at the time you want to sell your house because the
    more expensive mortgages will keep prices down.
    The entire housing market will collapse and millions
    of jobs will be destroyed! Don’t let big banks control
    your future. Think of your kids.
    Call your congressman !
    Send them an email saying that you want Fannie and
    Freddie to stay.
    Forward this email to your contacts because most of
    the people is not aware of this issue.
    Don’t Kill Home Ownership
    Say NO to BIG BANKS
    Keep Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac


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